CarbonSix Barrel Update –  CarbonSix Sponsored Shooter

What a great match! After a small mix up, Carlyna Arnold pulled herself back up by the boot straps after a disappointing start on Saturday, and rocked it today for the match win, and….. the Rocky Mountain PRS club series finals! She is now, the top ranked youth shooter in 6 states!
One proud dad here! Watching your 14 year old daughter smack moving targets at 450 yards like she is shooting a gas gun is unreal!
Thank you Austin Overman for an awesome match! Your hard work is evident.

We will be posting photos for the sponsors very soon, and even have a small gift for you all to say thank you!

She had a “no gear” stage where this 90 pound kid had to hold up a target rifle and hit 250 yards on a 2/3 ispc target! If she did not have her Carbon6 Barrels, she would not have had a chance!!! Thank you so much Carbon6!!!! Love your products

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