Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: I’m not familiar with CarbonSix.  Who are you, and why should I trust your rifle barrels?
While CarbonSix is a new brand, we are not new to the carbon fiber barrel market.  We are a sister company to McGowen Precision Barrels.  McGowen has been making the stainless steel blanks used by other carbon fiber barrel manufacturers for over 10 years.  McGowen is now making blanks for the CarbonSix brand. 

Q: What is carbon fiber barrel?
A carbon fiber barrel consists of a premium, hand lapped McGowen Precision Rifle Barrel machined down and wrapped with carbon fiber material.  The barrel blanks are sent to us uncontoured, button rifled, stress relieved and hand lapped. 

Q: What is the benefit of a carbon fiber barrel?
There are many, but the two biggest are weight reduction and improved accuracy.

Weight Reduction: We encourage you to use our weight calculator to estimate how much your CarbonSix barrel will weigh.  As an example, a 23″ Feather Weight C6 barrel weighs in at 2.8lbs (2lbs 13oz).  This of course has many variables including caliber, chambering & threading in addition to the length and contour.

Improved Accuracy: Our testing shows improved accuracy is gained in the carbon fiber manufacturing process. We see a reduced expansion of the shot string (20 consecutive shots) improving overall accuracy significantly.  This is the effect of a technology that we are continuing to develop in-house and make no specific accuracy claim. 

Durability:  Carbon Fiber is incredibly hard and durable.  Stainless steel is far easier to damage than carbon fiber. It holds up to the elements including moisture, dings, dents & scratches while staying beautiful.

Q: When will my barrel ship?
All of our barrels are custom barrels.  We typically do not have any ready-to-ship inventory, so your barrel will be made-to-order just for you.  We provide an estimated delivery time, and that is our expected time to get your barrel complete and into our shipping department.  Delivery times vary throughout the year, and can fluctuate due to order volume, caliber ordered and your particular configuration.  

Q: I live in Canada, can I order a CarbonSix barrel?
Yes.  We can ship into Canada via our partners at Mystic Precision.  The orders will go through Mystic Precision as a facilitator.  Please visit their site or email them with any questions.

Q: Are your barrels stress relieved?
The McGowen blanks arrive to us already stress relieved.  The carbon fiber process and subsequent contouring does not introduce stress into the barrel so no additional stress relieving is necessary. 

Q: What calibers does CarbonSix Offer?
CarbonSix strives to offer the most popular calibers and chambering options.  We currently offer 22Cal, 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, 30Cal & 338Cal barrels.  Our chambering offerings are always expanding as demand increases.  We can also provide custom chambering for an additional fee and time allowance for reamer rental. 

Q: How are the barrels rifled?
CarbonSix uses McGowen Precision Rifle barrels blanks for all of our barrels. These blanks are button rifled, heat treated and hand lapped to perfection.

Q: Do you offer cut rifling? 
We do not offer Cut rifling.  

Q: Do you offer blanks?
CarbonSix does offer contoured barrel blanks.  Click here to shop for your caliber and twist rate. 

Q: How much will my barrel weigh? 
We built a handy barrel weight estimator.  This is not a guarantee of the barrel weight due to the amount of variables.  We encourage you to play around with it to get an idea of your potential weight savings vs full metal barrels.  

Q: What is the difference between your contours?  
CarbonSix offers 4 standard contours.  All are extremely light with our exclusive Feather Weight contour being the lightest.  The biggest weight “savings” is achieved in the heaviest contours.   More metal on a standard barrel means more room for improvement and weight reduction with carbon fiber.

Download PDF Spec Sheet

FEATHERWEIGHT | Carbonsix Exclusive Barrel
Our lightest option.  This featherweight barrel has a maximum length of 24″.  The outside diameter is a fast & nimble .750″ at the muzzle.

One of the most popular contours on the market.  The light option is a Remington Sendero contour. This barrel will feature an outside diameter (OD) at the muzzle of only .830″

Need something heavier?  The medium option is a Remington Magnum contour. This barrel will feature an outside diameter (OD) at the muzzle of .900″

Our most stout option is the heavy contour.  The heavy contour is a Savage Bull contour. This barrel will feature an outside diameter (OD) at the muzzle of 1″.  This is also very similar to a McGowen #8 contour.

Q: Are you related to any other carbon fiber barrel manufacturer? 
No.  We are a completely independent and separate company.  

Q: Do I need to use any anti-seize when installing my barrel?
Yes.  When installing a new CarbonSix Barrel, clean the treads on the barrel, receiver and barrel nut (if there is one) and lube the threads with anti-seize. Use the proper anti-seize for stainless steel as it differs from chromoly anti-seize.  If you are not comfortable installing your own barrel, please check out our gunsmithing services  for available options.

Q: Can you install my barrel for me? 
Yes.  Please check out our gunsmithing services for a full list of available options.

Q: How do I properly measure my barrel? 
We recommend watching this video by Mr. Larry Potterfield.

Q: What happens if I get bore cleaning solvent on the carbon fiber?
Nothing.  The carbon fiber used for CarbonSix rifle barrels is unaffected by bore cleaning solvents, gun oil, and the other more potent solvents.

Q: How do I keep my CarbonSix Rifle Barrel looking new? 
Occasionally, a few drops of “Rem Oil” or something similar gently rubbed onto the barrel will bring back the carbon fiber’s luster. 

Q: Will my CarbonSix barrel scratch easily?  What do I do if I get a scratch on the carbon fiber material? 
While very durable and stronger than the steel it surrounds, accidents or misuse can scratch the carbon fiber. This is easily repaired with 400 grit wet or dry paper (obtainable at most auto part stores) and Rem Oil or other oils. Wet the damaged area on the barrel with oil and gently sand the scratched area of the barrel. Feather both above and below the scratch to help eliminate possible dips in the carbon fiber.

Q: Is it possible to damage a barrel while cleaning it? What should I avoid doing while cleaning?  
There are several ways you can damage your barrel while cleaning it.  CarbonSix rifle barrels are built around a stainless steel blank, and the same rules for cleaning apply.  The easiest rule to follow is to avoid over-cleaning.  That means either cleaning too frequently, or by misusing cleaners.  Too much cleaning, especially with abrasive cleaners, will damage your barrel.  Use the proper cleaners and DO NOT MIX cleaners.  Mixing solvents is never a good idea.  It is possible to get a bad reaction between solvents or create a combo that will damage steel.

Always use a bore guide when possible, cleaning from the breech end.  This will prevent damaging the throat of the rifling as well as the bore, and also help avoid damaging the crown with the cleaning rod.