I just wanted to add a review for your website. I ordered a .300 win mag barrel, 25 inches long in a Sendero profile and 1:10 twist. I installed the barrel on a stainless Tikka action. I recieved it last June and feel like I have shot it enough to give a review.

I have attached a couple of photos. I found some factory ammo that it shoots very well. This group measures 0.4375 inches or 0.418 MOA at 100 yards. The other photos are just cuz the barrel looks so dang good!

I built this long range hunting rig with a caliber that is easily found at any store and wanted to make it lighter. I decided to use your barrel after talking with you guys and not having my ideas shut down like I found so many other places. I appreciated your knowledge and willingness to try. In the end I went with your suggestions and they were spot on.

I’ve now been able to stretch this out to 1340 yards and make hits! That’s my personal best. I’m still working on my goal of a mile but am confident in the rifle due to the performance of the barrel. Thank you for making a quality product! I can’t recommend you enough! Five stars!

Best regards,

Douglass McArthur

Photos- taken at 7000 ft on Mauna Kea, big island, Hawaii