CarbonSix Barrel Review –  CarbonSix 7 Rem Mag

Barrel Configuration

  • Length – 23″
  • Twist 1:9
  • Contour: Sendero
  • Chambering: 7mm Rem Mag
  • Multiple Barrels Ordered

Here are a few pics of our Colorado hunting trip. The first pic is my brother Jake and his rifle I built with your CarbonSix barrel at 385yards. The second pic is my dad and his 75″ pronghorn he took with my 7mag I built at 460yards. The third pic is me and my GF with my 74″ pronghorn I shot with my 7mag at 430yards.

Then we went out shooting and we’re shooting targets out to 1300yards. We are super happy customers and look forward to future busness with you guys.

7 Rem Mag- Feedback , Carbon Six Customer Review