CarbonSix Barrel Review –  CarbonSix .338 Blank

Barrel Configuration)

  • Length – 28″ Blank
  • Twist 1:8
  • Contour: 1″ Muzzle
  • Chambering: Customer Chambered to 338 Norma

Howdy guys!!

A little less than a year ago, I contacted you guys about a .338 blank for a build I was doing for my good friend who was going to be deployed. I ordered a barrel with a 1.300″ shank to be fitted to a Stiller TAC 338 action.  I just wanted to show you guys where this project is now….It still needs a little bit of Cerakote, but it has really come together!! My buddy is still deployed in Afghanistan, but he will be back around July, and is more than excited to hit the mountains with this rig. Thanks for all your help guys!! Soon as I get some groups with load development, I’ll send you some more photos!!

338 Norma - Feedback , Carbon Six Customer Review